Licensing Pro Pack

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Licensing Pro Pack

The successful commercialization of any product is every inventor’s dream! Unfortunately the success rates are dismal with a reported less than 2% ever making it to market. It’s not enough to invent a great product, it must be packaged and sold professionally to companies wishing to license. A solid presentation and the right tools are key ingredients.

If you are uncomfortable with sales and seeking professional representation to maximize that opportunity, we are here to help. Our Licensing Agency Package is affordable and effective at delivering professional licensing services. Our service includes:

Invention Strategy Session

Give your idea a Kick Start with this energized 1:1 session. Here we will review your invention and agree on an action plan that ensures the best possible presentation of your product to the right companies for licensing.

Professional Selling Tools

Sell sheets and videos are the best tools for approaching prospective licensees and opening a discussion to license your product. We will create quality pitch tools based on the most effective way to communicate your invention to prospective licensees.

Trade Show
We will attend the leading industry trade show for your product’s category to meet with companies and open opportunities for licensing to them!


We will send you periodic reports on who we have spoken with and what the results of those meetings were. The real value here is that we may learn from each conversation what is, and is not, working and make adjustments to the product or pitch accordingly. We keep you in the loop!

Lifetime Licensing Negotiation

We will, with your approval, negotiate a fair and equitable license agreement on your behalf. Sometimes it takes longer than the term of our agreement to procure an interested party. If any company becomes interested in licensing beyond the term, we offer LIFETIME negotiation support!


No need to spend thousands more on an attorney here, we have 25 years experience drafting Licensing Agreements.


1 year

With 25 years experience we know how to streamline the process making our rates affordable for our clients. In a business with such a poor success rate, we want to mitigate your risk! We know we won’t license all our client’s products, but we can guarantee to provide highly trained professional services ensuring the best possible odds for success.

The cost for this package and lifetime negotiation support is $5000.

We do not take ANY of your royalties.

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