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WOWfactor is a report that measures a concept’s persuasiveness and delivers results in two critical areas, the statistical percentage chance for success and 80% accuracy first-year revenue projections. Merwyn® is the most credible and time-tested technology available and is used by most Fortune 500 companies for go/no-go decisions on new innovations. Client’s simply answer a series of input questions and work with Innovate2Grow Experts to create a powerful marketing message to deliver the most reliable results. WOWfactor was created for entrepreneurs, investors, and inventors looking for a reliable assessment of any idea.


Introducing Merwyn Truth Teller®

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A Highly Accurate Predictive Tool For Projecting 5 Year Success and First-Year Sales.

When Merwyn® Technology was first introduced, Fortune magazine acclaimed it as “one of the most promising new technologies in America”. Today, it is used by more Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs than any other quantitative research decision-making tool to make “Go/No-Go” decisions on innovations.  Merwyn’s® quantitative analytics provide a highly accurate assessment of an idea’s percent chances for long-term success and an 80% accurate year one sales estimate!

The technology was developed over a period of six years and cost $20M by Doug Hall and his knowledgeable Ph.D. team at Eureka Ranch. They successfully identified the 4 critical communication elements that are statistically correlated to marketplace success over five years. These findings have been consistently proven and verified by real-world research. The Merwyn® Truth Teller reporting costs about 75% less than other alternatives like BASES II, is produced in days vs. months, and is proven to be every bit as accurate.


Merwyn Truth Teller Delivers Extraordinary Value

Statistically Accurate Crucial Data

Software powered by Artificial Wisdom Technology

  • Up to 77 customer pitch communication purchase dimensions evaluated and benchmarked relative to a database of over 1.2 million data points.
  • Dimensions include hard, e.g., price, and soft, e.g., emotional perceptions

Fuzzy Logic (UC-Berkley) allows for soft perceptions to be quantified as degrees of grey instead of black and white.

Two Examples of Real World Validations

1. 900 Products evaluated five years after their introduction. 34% of products still sold five years later.

Merwyn predicted 33.5% would last five years – 98.5% accurate.

2. Citibank tested 24 direct mail pieces to evaluate response rates.

Merwyn was 90% accurate predicting which pieces would have the highest response rate.


Highly Effective & Powerful Marketing Message

For at least the last 56 years 75% – 80% of innovations failed. Most failed 18 – 24 months after their introduction because sales and profits did not justify continuing to sell the product.

The primary reason innovations fail is they are not better enough than their direct/indirect competition to get competitive users to switch to the innovative product. Innovators consistently underestimate how very, very difficult it is to get competitive customers to switch. This is especially true for loyal core competitive users who often represent 80% of competitive volume.

Switching enough competitive users to succeed requires that innovations deliver HIGHLY MEANINGFUL BENEFITS that add up to being DRAMATICALLY BETTER than competitors.

The Innovate2Grow Experts team has been responsible for more than. 25,000 products working with Fortune 500 companies and KNOWS how to create powerful marketing messages that demonstrate the value get’s customers to make the switch!

With your WOWfactor Report, you will receive a powerful Marketing Message that includes four critical communication elements to optimize its persuasiveness.  It must include the 4 following elements clearly and effectively. We’ve used Bounty paper towel advertising to demonstrate a highly proven Marketing Message that helped the brand maintain their leadership in a billion-dollar category.

  1. Customer Problem: communicate the problem your product seeks to solve.  Be concise, clear, and specific.
    •  “When you have a spill anywhere in the house, you want to quickly and easily wipe up the spill.”
  2. Customer Benefit: what you are promising that your product does to solve the customer problem.
    •  “Bounty paper towels are the quicker picker upper.”
  3. Reason to Believe: a statement about why the customer should believe that your product can deliver the promised Customer Benefit.
    •  The advertising shows a side-by-side comparison of Bounty and a competitive product absorbing liquid with Bounty doing it faster and more completely.
  4. How You Are Better: how your Customer Benefit and/or Reason to Believe is better than some/most/all of the competitive alternatives customers have. Be specific and clear.
    •  The side-by-side comparison clearly demonstrates Bounty is measurably and visibly faster than the competition at absorbing spills.

Are You Ready for the Truth?

While there is no crystal ball to tell us if we will be successful, Merwyn Truth Teller is the most affordable, HIGHLY ACCURATE tool to predict your 5-year success potential and first-year sales! Until now this brilliant technology has been readily used by Fortune 500 companies but cost prohibitive and unavailable for small businesses, start-ups, and independent inventors. Innovate2Grow Experts is pleased to now make this incredible tool available at an affordable rate to help innovators across the globe mitigate their risks and launch successfully!

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