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“Anyone can be a great inventor, helping to change the world and make a very nice living doing it. The challenge is that most people are great at identifying problems but not so skilled on how to invent solutions that sell!”

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With 30 years experience inventing and consulting independent inventors to Fortune500 companies we know how to “Invent Solutions that Sell”!

Our team is responsible for innovative  products that have generated over $30M in sales and is dedicated to helping you ideate, develop, protect and license your new ideas. 

Powered By Innovation

Invent Solutions that Sell!

When you have a great product, it’s a breeze to sell! The secret of our success is in our unique Front-End Innovation methodology and strategic best practices. We’ve sold millions of products with less than $5000 invested and you can too! 


Ideation Strategy

Inventing solutions that “sell” is very challenging and extremely underestimated by inventors. It is the biggest factor in failure. We use modified Design Thinking to stimulate, develop and test creative solutions that sell:

  • Empathise
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Model
  • Test/Iterate


3D CAD Design

Once your proof of concept is ready, our expert CAD team will fine tune all the details from materials to efficiencies, their expertise will compliment and further improve your innovative solution.

  • Completed CAD Mechanical Drawings
  • 3D Prototype
  • 3D Animation


strategic Patents

Most inventors file patents prematurely risking thousands of dollars. Now that you’ve thoroughly flushed out the best solution you are ready to protect your brilliant invention. We will help you strategically choose the best protection and file your:

  • Utility Patent Application
  • Design Patent Application
  • Provisional Application


Licensing Pitch Prep

Finally, it’s time to put it all together and pitch like a pro! When a Sell Sheet won’t get the job done, our Award Winning Pitch Decks simply and emphatically tell the story about your invention, the competitive landscape and how it is dramatically better than ALL the competition. 


  • 1 Pitch Deck
  • 1 Hr. Pitch Practice

Powered By Innovation

How It All Started

In Part 1, Lisa shares her personal story of how she invented and licensed her first product, The French Twister. In Part 2 she gives you a peek behind the curtain on Shark Tank and her experience with TC Pets.


Successful Products

7 products generating over $30M in retail sales!

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Carla RobertsonInventor
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I spoke to Lisa for about 25 minutes and I must say that conversation was gold. Lisa's professionalism, compassion and positive energy along with her knowledge of the industry allowed me to pick up some real nuggets to move forward onto the next phase of my invention. I am extremely grateful that she took the time to speak with me and point me in the right direction. I will definitely use her services again in the near future.
Sebastian L, Miami, FlInventor
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By FAR the best person in the industry to consult regarding inventions because of her experience, knowledge, and mindset. Lisa is an excellent listener and genius with her methodology on helping inventors create products that sell and get them to market! 20 minutes with her will change the course of any inventor’s journey for the better. Definitely did for me. A million thanks, Lisa!
Don RiceInventor
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Lisa was very knowledgeable and professional. Very easy to talk to and understands the inventor's viewpoint, as new as it may be.

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