28 Inventions That Were Licensed to Brands

  1. The Topsy Tail (hair styling tool) – invented by Tomima Edmark, licensed to Scunci
  2. Scunci (Commonly called Schrunchi) – invented by Rommy Revson, licensed to Scunci
  3. Bunch O Balloons (water balloon filling system) – invented by Josh Malone, licensed to Zuru Toys
  4. OtterBox (protective smartphone cases) – invented by Curt Richardson, licensed to Otter Products
  5. Squatty Potty (toilet stool) – invented by Bobby Edwards, licensed to The Grommet
  6. Mindstorms (robotics kit) – invented by Seymour Papert, licensed to Lego
  7. SodaStream (home carbonation system) – invented by Peter Wiseburgh, licensed to SodaStream
  8. Lava Lamp (decorative lamp) – invented by Edward Craven Walker, licensed to Mathmos
  9. Magic 8 Ball (fortune-telling toy) – invented by Albert C. Carter, licensed to Mattel
  10. Easy-Bake Oven (toy oven) – invented by Ronald Howes, licensed to Hasbro
  11. Furby (interactive toy) – invented by Dave Hampton and Caleb Chung, licensed to Tiger Electronics
  12. Snuggie (wearable blanket) – invented by Allstar Products Group, licensed to Allstar Products Group
  13. LeapPad (educational tablet for kids) – invented by LeapFrog Enterprises, licensed to LeapFrog Enterprises
  14. Robosapien (robotic toy) – invented by WowWee, licensed to WowWee
  15. Trivial Pursuit (board game) – invented by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney, licensed to Hasbro
  16. Nerf (foam dart guns) – invented by Reyn Guyer, licensed to Hasbro
  17. Tempur-Pedic (memory foam mattresses) – invented by NASA, licensed to Tempur Sealy International
  18. Spork (combination spoon and fork) – invented by Light My Fire, licensed to Light My Fire
  19. Pictionary (drawing game) – invented by Robert Angel, licensed to Mattel
  20. Guitar Hero (music video game) – invented by Harmonix Music Systems, licensed to Activision
  21. Silly Putty (molding compound) – invented by James Wright, licensed to Crayola
  22. Slinky (toy spring) – invented by Richard James, licensed to Hasbro
  23. Tetris (video game) – invented by Alexey Pajitnov, licensed to Nintendo
  24. Play-Doh (modeling compound) – invented by Noah McVicker and Joseph McVicker, licensed to Hasbro
  25. Barbie (fashion doll) – invented by Ruth Handler, licensed to Mattel
  26. Monopoly (board game) – invented by Elizabeth Magie and Charles Darrow, licensed to Hasbro
  27. WD-40 (lubricant) – invented by Norm Larsen, licensed to WD-40 Company
  28. Playmobil (toy figures) – invented by Horst Brandstätter, licensed to Playmobil GmbH

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