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Lisa’s success began with her idea for a barrette. While working for the CBS affiliate in Tucson, AZ she often wore her hair up in a French Twist.  Friends and co-workers regularly asked how she fashioned the professional up-do so she began to scour stores to find a barrette that would help.  When she discovered there was nothing on the market she decided to invent one.  A short thirteen months later she had patented, manufactured, sold to stores and ultimately licensed the patent to Scunci® for 20 years of regular income.  The product is now sold in stores around the world and has generated over $20M globally!

Since then Lisa has licensed 6 more products to manufacturers including Goody Products®, Scunci®. and Helen of Troy®.   In 2007 she licensed Bow Pets from inventor, Shadra Castillo, and redesigned it, filed 3 more patents, manufactured, imported and began selling the modified product, TC Pets®. It won numerous awards and been featured on the ABC reality show Shark Tank where she won the coveted investment of “Shark” Daymond John of FUBU. In 2015 Lisa launched her newest product Masqué Rage.

In addition to successfully commercializing her own products, she has helped numerous companies and inventors. Her clients have included:

Scunci – VP Business Development. Developed brand extensions and internal licensing policies and systems.

Rudy Ruddiger – (Based on the movie “Rudy”) Licensed his Brand to Successories.

Early Stage East – Developed branding strategy and grew their High Tech and Bio-Tech conferences to nearly double their size in 1 year.

Idea Village  and Vet Launch – (Start Up Accelerators)- Entrepreneur in Residence

Daymond John – Developed IP Portfolio and licensing strategy for Shark Branding.

Innovate2Grow Expert – VP Business Development and Consultant for Fortune 500 Front-End Innovation.

Additionally, Lisa is the founder of the Inventor’s Association of Arizona and has been consultant for hundreds of small businesses and startups as a contractor for several Accelerators in New Orleans. She has been contracted by major corporations like InventHelp®, Scunci®, and Newell Rubbermaid®. Her experience also includes of Director of New Business Development for Early Stage East. ESE is a high-level venture conference planning company specializing in early stage VC for High-Tech and Biotech companies.

Lisa has spent nearly two decades as a speaker and trainer on the subjects of innovation, licensing and business tactics. She has been a featured lecturer at Universities including the U of A Eller School of Business and Entrepreneurship, ASU College of Engineering, and the Arizona Intellectual Property Association’s continuing education program for patent and trademark attorneys. She has also won numerous awards for various pitch competitions including Rice University’s “Rice Alliance Business Plan Pitch Competition and Pitch it to the Pros with Discovery Channel’s Billy Mayes.

Lisa is passionate about consulting startups and budding inventors, a forward thinker and always looking for new ways to be of value to entrepreneurs of all kinds.