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Expert Consulting

Don’t Become A Statistic – Become A Success!

Unfortunately the success rates are dismal with a reported less than 2% ever making it to market. It’s not enough to invent a great product, it must be packaged and sold professionally to companies wishing to license. A solid presentation and the right tools are key ingredients. Our Expert Consultation services is a One Stop Shop for all your burning questions.

What’s Included:

Invention Strategy Session – Whether you are just getting started or have an offer on the table, let us help you strategically avoid the common pitfalls and costly mistakes inventors make. With 25 years successful experience and genuine passion for serving our clients, you will get the attention and answers you are looking for.

Patents – What type of patent get is more than a legal decision, it is a business decision. Don’t be fooled by those who tout exclusively using Provisional Applications! Find out what the best strategy is for your invention and WHY.

Professional Selling Tools – Let us show you what your options are for soliciting your products for sale or license. Want to make and sell it, we will provide you with industry standard samples to solicit stores and get it on the shelf! Want to license your patent? No problem, we will coach you through easy sell sheet development you can do with practically no computer skills for free and provide you with REAL samples from successfully licensed products.

Trade Show – Learn how to save thousands of dollars using trade shows. We will show you how to find the right shows and pitch your invention to many companies all in one location!

Contracts – No need to spend thousands more on an attorney here, we have 25 years experience drafting Licensing Agreements.  Already have an offer? It’s not too late to let us review your contract and help you negotiate.

Lifetime Licensing Negotiation – Our 3 month package clients also receive UNLIMITED LIFETIME license negotiation assistance.

Consultation Services come in 1 hour and 3 month packages.

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While I cannot guarantee that your product will successfully make more then you spend on it, I CAN guarantee that you will receive highly professional, qualified services that WILL SAVE you thousands in common mistakes made by inventors, all provided by a proven successful inventor who has demonstrated her ability to get things done with integrity!