Application Process

The application process is a very important step to placing you on a dream team of success and action-oriented entrepreneurs that will provide you with resources you never imagined, accountability for your life and business goals, and access to ideas that can only result from the combined intelligence of a group of people committed to helping you succeed.

The success of our Feedback4m™ depends on your level of commitment and your integrity. Please complete the application as thoroughly and honestly as possible. The information you provide in this application is completely confidential and will be used for acceptance and placement purposes only. 

You will be contacted shortly to discuss your application and determine whether this is the best fit for you. If accepted, you will receive a digital agreement and payment details.

Membership in Feedback4m™ is $3500 for 6 months or $6700 for 12 months.  If you are accepted and agree to participate, you will be asked to sign our NDA and Membership Agreement stipulating the terms of service and your commitment to the group. This application does not bind you to joining it is simply the first step in our process of putting the right people together.

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